There is no map to the perfect creative.
No rules. No guide. No blueprint.
Fortune favors the seekers.
Those willing to explore the unknown path and plunge into the hidden depths of storytelling.
At Hidden City, we live for the hunt.
Come search with us.

FLIR - Unimaginable


"Could Be Worse"

One Nevada - Banking Utopia

"Banking Utopia"

Tonkin - Truck Stop

"Find The One - Truck Stop"

Suburban - Trunk Monkey


FLIR hyper-specialized thermal imaging cameras

"Thank You"

Amityville Realty - FLIR

"Haunted House"

FLIR Meet the Heat

"Meet The Heat"

Flir One Cost Gaurd

"Coast Guard"

Oregon Lottery

"All Things Oregon"

Oregon Lottery Precious Metals

"Precious Metals"

Oregon Lottery - More Than A Feeling

"More Than A Feeling"

project image

"Washington Trail"

Peterson Automotive - Street Fighter

"Street Fighter"

Bridgeport Beervana - Long Live Beervana

"Long Live Beervana"

First Tech Kittens


Tonkin - Cowboy


DeMarini Step Up

"Step Up"